Class Descriptions

Cardiosculpt- A class that incorporates cardio moves and strength moves utilizing various equipment to provide a great fat burning workout for all levels.

Pilates- A tried and true, challenging core exercise class focusing on core strength, flexibility, and total body toning for all levels.

Cycle – Let yourself sprint and ride for 30 minutes to get your heart pumping and legs moving. Train to incredible music and instruction.

Pilates and Sculpt – Core work that will push you to the max! A great free-weight workout that challenges your body. *Beginner to Advanced

Dance and Sculpt – Start with the basic combinations and then finish the workout with specific conditioning for the upper and lower body. The perfect combo for cardio and strength! *Intermediate to Advanced

Black light Cycle – This is the class will provide 30-40 minutes of cycling with the use of great music and black light.

X-fit – You got it ANYTHING GOES. We run, we BOSU, we step, we sculpt, we spin… but most of all we have FUN!!!!

Rc3 Yoga Fitness – This class works on strength and flexibility using yoga techniques without the yoga mediation. *The Rhea County Community Center has totally divorced any Eastern Religion from this class.

Mommy and Me Fit- Moms, you will get in a great workout while enjoying time with your children! Babies and Booties class will incorporate numerous fun, body conditioning exercises that will captivate your child’s attention while you get a great workout!

Mix Fit Interval Training- Interval class that’s a collaboration of dance, strength and core development.

Bars and Barre- Work large muscles with weighted bar to gain a cardio component followed by A barre inspired workout to include isometric exercised using small supportive muscles to sculpt and make you feel the burn.